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Morgan Dynamic Phonics 2: For High School Students and Adults

The Morgan Method

A highly effective reading program for high schoolers and adults who have not learned to read.

This is a special version of the Morgan Dynamic Phonics program written specifically for adults and high school students. The reading text has been changed to appeal to older students. It also comes with its own instructional video to get you started.

This program takes the students to about a 5th grade reading level while creating a strong phonetic skill base for them. It can be followed by the Dynamic Roots program for developing higher level reading and vocabulary skills.

It is our belief that with this program, if you can read, then you can teach someone else to read. Many adults and older students did not learn to read only because they didn't receive the proper kind of instruction in school.

At this point, we know scientifically how to teach reading to problem readers - see Scientific Underpinnings of Morgan Dynamic Phonics.

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