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Examples of humorous, interactive and meaningful reading text included in the programs. Using humorous, interactive and meaningful reading text makes reading instruction more fun and more meaningful for your students. It makes language come alive for students and keeps them motivated to learn. You will also be able to talk with your students about real issues in their lives, or in your life if you wish, in relation to the reading text. Please have a good time with the funny sentences as your students learn important reading and spelling skills.

There are blank spaces in each lesson and in each lesson's homework questions so you can write funny sentences for your students to read when you understand how to write phonetically regular (decodable) sentences.

Whenever the student used the term "you" in a sentence, you pretend that he or she is talking to you directly. It's more fun that way.

"The sentences are funny and disgusting."
--Matthew Schofield,
third grade student, Albuquerque Schools

Here are some examples of some of the sentences from Morgan Dynamic Phonics 1 (the not so gross version) that children enjoy: Humorous, interactive and meaningful reading text.

  1. Examples of humorous, interactive and meaningful sentences from the Morgan Dynamic Phonics 1 program (not so gross version). These sentences are divided into categories:

    1. Silliness
    2. Not so gross
    3. Student/teacher related
    4. Money
    5. Feelings
    1. Experiences
    2. Interactive
    3. Play acting
    4. Rhyming

    Many of these sentences are also in the Morgan Dynamic Phonics 2 program.

  2. Sentences from the Original or super gross version of the Morgan Dynamic Phonics 1 program.

  3. Sentences from the Morgan Dynamic Phonics 2 program for high schoolers and adults.

  4. Sentences from the Dynamic Roots program.
1. Sentences from Morgan Dynamic Phonics 1: both versions. Elementary and Mid school students.

A. Text that refers to silliness:

I am a girl.
I am as strong as King Kong.
I want to be a bride.
I lost my brain in class.
I have rain in my brain.
I am a cool dude.
I have been very lazy in class today.
I like to dress like a lady.
I am an awesome student.
I like painting my nails.
Where's my brain today?
I am a total dude.
My brain is huge.
I want to fall in love.
"Don't worry! Be happy!"
Don't torture me by making me read anymore.
My brain is alive.
I have to readjust my brain.
I think I might be in love.
I ought to have brought my brain. I thought I did.
I thought so hard my brain broke.
I am suffering from exhaustion.
I can't remember if I have amnesia.

Homework Questions:

Do chickens have lips?
Can a snake smile?
Do you have a wife?
Have you been to Mars?
Did you hatch?
Do ducks have lips?
Do pills have legs?
Do you like to put on dresses?
Will you stink if you spank a skunk?
Do you want to be a bride?
Can a stone bite you?
Do you have a wife?
Are your a cool dude?
Have you been to Mars?
Would you like to eat this paper?
Are you a female?
Are you a lady?
Do trucks like kissing?
Can a snowball talk to you?
Do fish sleep?
Is water very wet?
Does a ball have an edge?
Can a spider eat a tiger?
Did a dragon eat your teacher for lunch?
Is your brain made of glue?
Are you married?
Can you be wrong?
Do you know where your brain is today?
Is reading like torture?
Did you have fun on your date with Godzilla?
Are you a woman?
Is it impossible to read this sentence?
Have you fallen in love?
Are you totally cool?
Are you in love?
Are you unconscious right now?

B. Gross humor in the Not So Gross Version of Morgan Dynamic Phonics 1 program:

I can eat a rat.
I wish to kiss a big fat rat.
I can kiss a big wet pig.
I can lick a big bug.
I like to eat a bug for my snack.
I like to eat insects.
I like to kiss snakes.
I have a rose in my nose.
Pick my nose.
I have my finger in my nose.
I can pick my nose with my elbow.
I have a live spider in my mouth.
I found a smelly coin in the toilet.
I blew my nose in your soup.
I love to fry flies to eat for dinner.
I like to kiss worms.
I captured a rat and ate it.
I think the spider had a good flavor.

Homework Questions:

Would you like to kiss a toad?
Do your feet smell bad?
Can you eat a fat bug?
Did you lick a sock?
Do you like to eat bug guts?
Do you like to eat snakes?
Do you like to pick your nose?
Do your feet smell bad?
Did you eat a cockroach?
Can a bathroom be smelly?
Are your socks very smelly?
Can you pick your nose with your elbow?
Can you blow your nose on your toes?
Can a frog blow his nose?
Can a toilet stink?
Do you like to eat the eyeballs of fish?
Are you a nose picker?
Do you like to eat fried worms?
Does slime have a good taste?
Does your thumb have a good flavor?

C. Student/Teacher related text (Teacher: Always take the word "you" personally and play with the interaction. It's for fun).

I am glad you are my teacher.
You are a swell teacher.
I like all of my teachers except you.
Go jump in the lake.
I want to go home.
Let me give you some advice.
We can escape from here.
You are a very good teacher.
This class gives me a pain in the brain.
You are not fair.
May I leave now?
You can be a real grouch.
This class makes me laugh.
Please do not frustrate your teacher.
You are a super teacher.
You need to just relax and chill.
You are a really lousy teacher.
This class is really cool.
This class is really stupid.
You're the best teacher I've had.
Please do not annoy your teacher.
I enjoy this class.
You are a dreadful teacher.
You are a fantastic teacher.
You are the worst teacher I have ever had.
This is a terrible class.
This class is wrecking my mind.
You are a dynamite teacher.
This is a terrible class.
You are not a horrible teacher.
This class is a waste of time.
This class is worthless.
I heard you are a great teacher.
You are a wonderful teacher.
You are my favorite teacher.

Homework Questions:

Is your teacher very fair?
Can your teacher annoy you?
Are you nice to your teacher?
Can your teacher be grumpy?
Can you escape from class?
Did a beast eat your teacher?
Do you have a good teacher?
Does your teacher like to act silly?
Do you think this class is stupid?
Do you have an awesome teacher?
Are you an awesome student?
Isn't this class easy?
Do you annoy your teacher at times?
Are you a good boy?
Are you kind to your teacher?
Are you an outstanding student?
Do you think reading is important?
Is there something you want to tell your teacher?
Is this class worthless?
Is homework fun?
Have you fallen asleep in class?
Are you a great student?
Are you a fabulous student?
Do you pay attention in class?
Do you have a suggestion for your teacher?
Are you getting a good education?

D. Sentences that will cost you: it is suggested that you give the things the student's request.

I wish for cash.
Toss me cash.
Please give me a stone.
Please give me a dime.
Give me a treat.
Pay me.
Please give me a marble.
We want some popcorn.
I demand that you pay me.
Throw a penny to me.
I am dreaming of a penny.
Please give me a nickel.
Give me a coin.
I will dance if you give me three cents.
It is nice to give me cash.
Give me pennies.
Please give me a quarter.
Please give me a dollar for reading this.
I want a dollar.
Give me some money please.
Please give me a million dollars.

E. Feelings:

A kid can be mad at me.
I can dig it.
I am very upset with you.
I like myself.
I am very, very sad.
I am as mad as I can be.
I smile when I like my life.
I like to be here.
I have a very bad temper.
This is not a good day for me.
I am glad that I was born.
I am in a bad mood today.
I am very grumpy today.
I feel super today.
I feel lousy today.
I am really angry.
I feel very relaxed today.
I am very hard headed.
I feel fantastic.
I am very happy to be alive.
I am very cheerful today.
I have a lot of sadness.
I feel wonderful.
Did you notice how happy I am?
School is fun.

Homework Questions:

Is it fun to win?
Are you very sad?
Did you get mad at a kid?
Can you be sad?
Are you upset?
Do you like to have fun?
Do you like yourself?
Can a mom be upset?
Were you a grouch today?
Did you shout when you were mad?
Are you in a bad mood today?
Are you angry right now?
Do you feel awful today?
Are you always in a good mood?
Do you have a huge temper?
Did you have a fantastic day?
Do you worry a lot?
Do you feel terrible today?
Are you having a great day?
Are you lonely sometimes?

F. Experiences:

I can eat lots of pancakes.
You are my friend.
I dove into the lake.
I like to play soccer.
I can read better than last year.
I have a good brain.
I do not like to fight.
My teacher said that I am very smart.
I am good at sports.
I like to just goof off with my friends.
I am a good athlete.
I am able to read this quite well.
I swished the ball into the basket.
I always do my best in reading.
I want to go to outer space.
I like to read everyday.
I hit a homerun.
I made a good catch in football.
Life is magic.
I think reading is important.
I am an excellent student.
I am a very fast runner.
I like to watch romantic movies.
I am trying very hard to read this sentence.
I am a very honest person.
I know that I am really smart.
Reading is a pleasure.
I have a lot of artistic ability.
I want to be President of the United States.
Reading is not avoidable.
My brain is very valuable.
My reading is incredible.
I want to learn to read better.
I am totally into reading.
I want to be famous.
I am a special person.
I have a lot of intelligence.
Life is not fair sometimes.

The author had a second grader who, while reading these sentences, turned to another child and said - "The page watches you and makes up sentences about you."

Homework Questions:

Do you like to play baseball?
Do you like your last haircut?
Are you good at sports?
Do you like to paint?
Do you like to hold snakes?
Do you do good work in class?
Can you rap?
Can you be a nut?
Can a boy kiss a girl?
Can a mom yell at you?
Can you be a brat?
Do you have good luck?
Do you like to think?
Are you very brave?
Have you been on a date?
Can you tell a joke?
Do you like to smile?
Do you like your life?
Have you had a good dream?
Do you want to be a teen?
Does life seem fair to you?
Did you have a good day today?
Can a dream be fun?
Is it fun to laugh and play?
Did you laugh today?
Can a dunk be pretty?
Do you like to do art?
Do you like to be lazy?
Did you cry when you were a baby?
Do you want to grow up?
Are you a good person?
Have you gone to outer space?
Do you like ice cream?
Can you read this sentence well?
Are you very stingy?
Do you like to be on stage?
Do you like to dress fancy?
Are you a good swimmer?
Do you live on the third planet from the sun?
Did you catch a fish?
Are you very romantic?
Are you good at basketball?
Are you very important?
Is an iceberg very cold?
Is everything all right with you?
Can a homerun be pretty?
Do you like everybody?
Is tomorrow Tuesday?
Should you lie to your mom?
Has a friend lied to you?
Are you very honest?
Do you want there to be world peace?
Is tomorrow the future?
Do you like to be alone sometimes?
Do you have a big family?
Is it unsafe to pet a tiger?
Are you thankful to be alive?
Do we live on the earth?
Do you like rock and roll music?
Do you want to be famous?
Do you have a brother?
Do you have a good idea?
Do you have questions about life?
Do you like to watch television?
Do you want to go to college?
Are you very special?
Are you happy that you can read now?

G. Interactive sentences (Teacher: Always take the word "you" personally and play with the interaction). It's for fun.

Be a nut.
Yell at me.
Can I yell at you?
I will clap when you rap.
Clap for me.
You crack me up.
Can you do a trick for us.
I am not a brat.
Act mad.
I am good in class.
Scratch your hand.
You are like King Kong.
Shake my hand.
Wave to me.
I dare you to cry.
Tell us a good joke.
Smile when you see me.
Tell me the time.
Ignore me.
"I've been working on the railroad...."
Sleep for us.
We like to laugh all day.
I can dig it, man.
Laugh at us.
Smell my feet.
Pretend to be happy.
Pull your ears.
Please give me one more chance.
Let me give you some advice.
Please pick up my mind and give it back to me.
Look up my nose.
"I can't get no, satisfaction....."
There is a rattlesnake right behind you!
You look a little like Godzilla.
I need a break from reading.
I brought this worm for you to eat.
Let us eat lettuce.

H. Sentences that lend themselves to play acting. It's for fun!

I can hop and hop.
I can rap for my class.
I can be a nut in school.
I can lick my neck.
I can spin.
I am Batman.
I am Batgirl.
I had to sob when I sat on a crab.
Can we crack up?
Swim for me.
I have ants in my pants.
Do the twist.
Melt for me.
Ask me to jump.
May I sing for you?
May I dance for you?
I can act like a chimp.
I can act like you.
I can act mad.
I would like to be an ape.
Sing me a tune.
Jump in the air.
Please laugh at me.
Turn to the south.
May I perform for you?
May I act like a monster?
May we act silly now?
Let's have a party.
May I act like a little baby?
I am going to laugh at you now.
I talk too much.
You crack me up.
Can we crack up?
I cannot find my mind today.
Take off your head.
Smell my breath.
I have a football in my nose.
I ate seven ants for lunch.
Everybody stand up.
Anybody want to dance?
Let's act like babies.
May I act like a gorilla?
I have been feeling very sleepy lately.
Look upward.
I am very generous. Who wants some money?
I have a confession to make.

Homework Questions:

Can you do the twist?
Do you like to act like a beast?
Do you like to act silly?
Can you act like a robot?
Do you like to act crazy in class?
Is it safe to play with a monster?
Can you walk like a monster?
Do you like to dance?
Can you act like a baboon?
Are you really Superman?
Can you dance?
Can you act like a gorilla?
Are you an alien from another planet?

Letting your students move around some and act a little silly at times makes the process more fun and helps to keep the student's attention longer. These sentences make written language come alive for students. Remember, this is not an easy process for these students and a lot of work and concentration are necessary.

I. Rhyming and Alliteration Sentences - all versions:

The hot ham can hug the hat.
Dot got the hot pot on the cot.
Ken put the hen and the ten men in the pen.
Pop and the cop can hop on the mop.
I met the wet pet at the jet.
A run in the sun can be fun.
The dog and the hog can jog on a log in the fog.
I can dig the big pig with the wig.
Nell can yell and sell a shell and a big bell.
I can lick a sick tick quick.
Bob will sob if he cannot get a job.
Well fed Fred sped in the red sled to the shed to be wed.
A cub can rub and scrub the tub at the club.
Tell the king on the swing to bring the ring on the string.
I can sing a long strong song and hit a gong as I play ping-pong.
A snake can bake a fake cake and make a shake at the lake.
I can reach each peach at the beach.
The coat and the goat can float in the boat in the moat.
I can mail the nail in the pail to snail jail.
I have seen the mean queen eat a clean lean green bean.
Today we may play with gray clay on a tray on the way to the bay.
The clown with a frown went to town in a brown gown and a crown.
The hound found a pound of sound on the round ground.
The dog can bark at Mark the shark in the dark park.
The cool fool can drool in the pool at school.
I am in the mood for rude dude food.
Silly Billy and silly Willy got chilly.
My face can race in outer space.
The nice mice ate rice with spice twice.
Save my place in outer space.
I can hold the old, cold, sold gold.
How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood.
Sue can chew her new, blue, true, glue stew at the zoo.
Why do I cry as I fly by my dry pie in the sky?


Can a bell yell at a shell and sell a well?
Can a hound pound on a round mound of ground?
Can you eat a round pound of sound?
Can you race your face in outer space?
Can you boil soil?
Can ice be nice to you?
Can a cherry be merry?

2) Super Gross sentences found in the Original Version only: Morgan Dynamic Phonics 1.

The air smells bad when I have gas.
I like puke and snot on my pizza.
I puke when I smell puke.
Please do not barf on my scarf.
I like to belch in class.
I forgot to eat my snot popcorn.
I like to eat snot for my snack.
Do not put your snot on me.
I am not a snot.
I dare you to puke.
I have a lot of gas.
Let me have your snot.
The tot got a lot of hot snot from the hot snot pot on the cot.
I think I have to puke.
That puke was good.
I had to barf two times.
Whose barf is on the carpet?
I barf when I eat bugs.
Please do not barf on me.
Barf on me.
Put the big green booger on my plate.
I like to cook boogers on the stove for lunch.
I got a booger in my eye.
Boogers annoy me.
Give me that booger.
Belch for me.

Super Gross Homework Questions:

Did you eat a booger for lunch?
Have you barfed in school?
Do you like to eat snot?
Do you like snot on your pizza?
Does a dog have snot?
Did you hunt for snot to eat?
Do you like to belch?
Do you like to eat snot for lunch?
Did your teacher barf on you?
Would a booger be good food?
Have you dreamt about boogers?
Have you picked any good boogers lately?
Do you have boogers in your nose?
Do you have a lot of gas?
Can snot fly up in the sky?
Did you eat puke for lunch?
Does your teacher have snot?
Do you like to barf?
Did you barf on your teacher?
Did your teacher barf on you?
Can a cockroach puke?
Is snot very slimy?
Can a booger make you laugh?
Would a booger be good food?
Do you have boogers in your nose?
Can boogers be your friends?
Are you disgusted by boogers?
Does a turkey have boogers?
Does a booger weigh eight pounds?
Do you like the flavor of fried boogers?

3) Here are some sentences from MDP 2 for high schoolers and adults:

You bug me.
I am slick.
I like to hang with my friends.
I can be a cut up.
I can rap for my class.
You bug me a lot.
Kiss my pizza!
This is a drag.
Tell me a pun.
Let me strut for you.
I stink when I run fast.
Do not do the crime if you cannot do the time.
I am not an inmate.
I have to strain my brain in this class.
You irk me.
I can dig it, man.
I am a total dude.
How are you doing?
I think you are absurd.
I am about fed up with you!
Whose brain do I have?
You need to just relax and chill.
It is stupid to drink and drive.
I can't decide what to do with my life.
I am really out to lunch today.
This class is dreadful!
I do not want to go to prison.
I think I have an allergy to this class.
You are a scatterbrain.
I really like myself.
I need caffeine in the morning.
Deceive me.
This class is wrecking my mind.
Do not make bad gestures in class.
I am responsible for myself.
You should really loosen up!
My brain is backwards today.
Smoking can be hazardous to your health.
You look marvelous.
There is nothing like being in love.
The judge was lenient at the trial.
I have a recommendation for you.
I hit my head and got a concussion.
I told you of my innocence.
My life is very stressful.
Give me permission to skip this class.
I got a big fat zero on my test.
Panic for me.
I have a lot of potential.
I have a lot of intelligence.

Homework Questions for MDP 2:

Do you torment your teacher?
Do you like to be lazy?
Are you a teen?
Have you griped about your teacher?
Is reading like torture?
Do you annoy your teacher?
Are you in prison?
Are you innocent?
Do you mooch off your friends?
Are you very strong?
Do you cuss much?
Do you have the power?
Did you score in the game?
Can you dig it?
Do your pants sag?
Are you in a band?
Do you drift off in class?
Are checks good gifts?
Do you like to do crunches?
Do you expect to pass this class?
Do you like yourself?
Did you get a traffic ticket?
Do you have a lot of spunk?
Do you shave?
Did you give your date a rose?
Can you drive a flatbed truck?
Can a date be cute?
Are you an inmate?
Does life seem fair to you?
Are you sixteen?
Do you have a pimple?
Are you single?
Can you drive a car?
Do you have a short fuse?
Do you have a Ford car or truck?
Do you have a tattoo?
Do you like extreme sports?
Do you want to be in the army?
Are you a lady?
Do you think this class is stupid?
Are you hoping for a wedding?
Have you been dumped?
Isn't this class easy?
Are you a good person?
Can you talk like your teacher?
Can your teacher annoy you?
Have you been to a fancy dance?
Do you have some good advice for your teacher?
Did you talk to a judge?
Have you read a good book?
Do your eyelids feel heavy?
Are you thirty years old?
Are you in prison?
Are you very romantic?
Are you a gentleman?
Do you remember nineteen eighty-eight?
Is this class worthless?
Is it fun to go to work?
Are you married?
Can you be wrong?
Can you know the future?
Are you an adult?
Do you like the President of the United States?
Should a criminal be in prison?
Do you feel terrible today?
Are you thankful to be alive?
Are you hopelessly in love?
Can smoking be hazardous to your health?
Is going to prison a hard punishment?
Do you look marvelous today?
Do you want to be famous?
Have you been on a honeymoon?
Have you been to trial?
Do you have good nutrition?
Do you have questions about life?
Do you need some relaxation?
Can you do an impression of someone?
Have you been in a car collision?
Are you unconscious right now?
Are you really a Martian?
Are you happy that you can read now?

New kind of humor :

Instead of Did you go on a date with Godzilla? Did you have fun on your date with Godzilla?

4) Sample sentences from Dynamic Roots:

I object to doing homework.
I felt dejected after being rejected.
I cannot find my pulse. Am I alive?
"I can't get no, satisfaction....."
My olfactory nerves allow me to smell you.
This class is insufferable.
Do we really exist or do we just think that we exist?
This is not really me. This is an imposter.
I have a recurring nightmare about you.
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
Please do not provoke me today. I am in a bad mood.
I like all of my teachers except you.
Will you please get with the program.
I need to get with the program.
I project that I will have a very interesting life.
The baby was good at projectile vomiting.
I understand the importance of education for my future.
Let me take this opportunity to thank you for helping me to read better.
My brain is not removable.
Please indicate that you are happy by raising your hand.
Smoking can be very addictive.
I try to be respectful to my teacher.
Please show me some respect.
I want to advise you about your hair style.
It is evident that you are a terrible teacher.
Maybe I don't exist.
I like to ponder the nature of the universe.
What is the purpose of life?
I have a sunny disposition.
My brain is not disposable.
I am not self-centered. I only need everyone to recognize my greatness.
I want to vocalize my complaints about this class.
Please put some duct tape over my mouth.
I want to apologize for my bad conduct.
I like to receive love letters in the mail.
You are an incredible teacher.
I have an excess of cash. Does anybody want some?
My brain is inaccessible today.
Enough of this nonsense!
I can act like a gentleman.
May I perform a song for you?
My brain is not dispensable.
I intend to live a very happy life.
This class is really inspiring.
Please let me give you a lecture.
I have an allergic reaction to reading.
I should get a medal for surviving this class.
My brain contains billions of cells.
Can I abstain from reading today?
I want to request a new teacher.
I think that I dislocated my brain.
Obstinance can be an obstacle to success.
You are a magnificent teacher.
I used a pacifier when I was a baby.
Morphology is the study of the internal structure and form of words. It is the study of morphemes.
Dyslexic people have a hard time learning to read and spell.
Etymology is the study of language and the origins of words - which we are studying now.
The man who wrote this sentence is a philologist. That means that he loves words.

Homework Questions for Dynamic Roots:

Have you been ejected from school?
Have you been indicted for a crime?
Do you want to rule the universe?
Can a bathroom be odoriferous?
Would you like to be invisible?
Are you irresistible?
Do you like to provoke others?
Are you an exceptional dancer?
Do you have extrasensory perception?
Are you loyal to your friends?
Did you make an interception in a football game?
Are you an incredible student?
Have you ever seen a pachyderm?
Do you like to talk nonsense?
Do you know the purpose of life?
Do you have epidermis on your body?
Do you wear cosmetics?
Do you think education is important?
Do you like movies with lots of violence?
Do you intend to live a happy life?
Is an egg a form of transportation?
Do you predict that you will marry?
Will you have a pulse in the year 2087?
Do you like to act impulsively?
Are you a vertebrate?
Can you be obstinate at times?
Do you have a happy disposition?
Are you capable of great things?
Are you deceased?
Do you have any progeny?
Do you know the formula for success?
Is your brain dispensable?
Are you very ostentatious?
Do you aspire to having a good like?
Are you hyperactive?
Are you ambivalent about your future?
Are babies incontinent?
Are you content with your life?
Are you a supernatural being?
Are you very inquisitive?
Are you a biped?
Can you imagine infinity?
Are you in a state of confusion?
Did you eat a morpheme for lunch?
Is an asteroid made of mashed potatoes?

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