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Morgan Dynamic Phonics: For Parents or Tutors

"I really like it (the parent/tutor program), particularly where a parent has no access to teachers (Orton-Gillingham teachers), this would really work - I'm delighted with it! I really think it is very well done.
--  Diana Hanbury King: Orton Fellow, Author, founder of the Kildonan School for Dyslexic Students in New York, winner of the Samuel T. Orton Award in 1990, Teacher, Teacher Trainer.

"I am using the Morgan Dynamic Phonics program with my daughter at home. The program is easy to use once you understand the basic format. With this program my child has established a solid foundation of phonics skills and her reading has shown great improvement. She enjoys the various activities of the program and the funny sentences that she reads. This is the best program that I have seen for use in the home."
--  Lorraine Candelaria, parent, Albuquerque, NM

A special version of the Morgan Dynamic Phonics program is designed for use in the home by parent or tutor. Some parents are using the program for home schooling for children who are having trouble learning to read. Other parents use the program at home because their children are not getting the proper help in the classroom. Unfortunately, many teachers (including special education and title one teachers) do not have the training or materials to teach at-risk readers. In many classrooms, the findings of reading research have not made it down to the instructional level.

This program is for teaching students at the elementary or middle school level. For older students, see the Morgan Dynamic Phonics 2 program.

For the parent/tutor version of Morgan Dynamic Phonics, we have created a special video tape and set of instructions.

The program uses reading text that is humorous, interactive and meaningful to stimulate interest and make the reading process more fun. See What it is and where it comes from for more info.

This program takes some studying on the part of the parent or tutor. There is an hour instructional video and about 25 pages of instructions to read before you start working with your child. The author has taken a fairly complex instructional method and made it accessible to anyone willing to take the time to learn it. Once you understand how the program works, it is easy to use and you will have very little preparation before each lesson.

Note: a special help hotline (phone or e-mail address) comes with the purchase of these programs. If you have questions or problems, you can ask the author for help.

The Dynamic Roots Program can also be used by parent or tutor in the home.

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