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"I think it's very well done (MDP program). It's good to see you're having so much success - well deserved, as your materials are so very good. The materials kept the interest of my students and provided essential practice in reading skill development. I think you have done a great job."

--   Diana Hanbury King: Orton Fellow, Author
Founder of the Kildonan School
for Dyslexic Students in New York
Winner of the Samuel T. Orton Award in 1990, Teacher, Teacher Trainer.


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"I have taught for 45 years and this is the best program I have ever used."

--   Marge Atwater: Raton Public Schools. Raton, N.M.

"After twenty years of using various phonics programs, I am really sold on yours! "

--  Cindy Osborn, Teacher, Austin, Texas

"I must tell you, that since that time (when I got your materials), I have used your Reading Books in virtually every tutorial session I teach. My student's fluency rates and accuracy always show significant improvement over time. My students read and enjoy the sentences in the program. I also use Dynamic Roots very frequently. It is a great help in the teaching of reading comprehension. Your books are very powerful tools in my 'remediation arsenal!' Thank you for your creative, user friendly, research based, Orton-Gillingham supportive materials!"

--   Lois Hass, SPED teacher in New York City, Cerified Level in the Academy of Orton-Gillingham Teachers and Practitioners.

"After two weeks, a regular 2nd grade classroom teacher said she could see a difference in not only reading performance, but also in effort! I think your program is a very reasonable and wonderful compilation of several successful methods of teaching reading to children and is also very reasonably priced. "

--  Jeannie Sparks, SPED teacher, Mishawaka, IN

"Not only are my students gaining in reading but they are having lots of fun doing it. For me as a teacher, this program has given me an instant lesson plan where I know I am teaching the lesson very thoroughly so as to develop the children's reading skills."

--  Yoko M. Ortega, Albuquerque Public Schools

"I think the program is great! The Morgan Dynamic Phonics program has worked great with my 1-5th grade moderate special education children. It is easy to follow, fun to teach and very positive."

--  Lori Bellacicia, Albuquerque Public Schools

"I have been using the high school version with a 9th grade student I am tutoring and he loves it! He thinks the sentences are a crack up and always asks if we are going to read from the orange book. Your products have been great! Thanks"

--  Audrey Miller, IMSLEC certified high school teacher in Glen Ellyn, Illinois.

"Your program is wonderful. At the beginning of the year my son did not enjoy reading. Not only was it a chore, but also his level of reading was very low. Now he loves to read, everything from road signs to books."

--  Diane Paterson, parent, Albuquerque Schools

"As a former educator, and as a parent of a Morgan Dynamic Phonics student, I can attest to the fact that tremendous progress can be made in reading using this program. My son's self esteem was raised because he succeeded using Morgan Dynamic Phonics. He also enjoyed the often humorous text."

--  Diane C. Scholfield, parent, Albuquerque Schools

"The answer to the question, 'will this program work for a kid with Down Syndrome?' is A VERY DEFINITE YES! Before he hated to read and now he sees himself as a reader and enjoys reading."

--   Jody Karlen, parent, White Bear Lake, MN

"My son started the Morgan Dynamic Phonics reading program at the beginning of third grade. He had previously participated in the reading programs provided by his daycare, kindergarten, and first grade schools. Although, during his second grade year he had been in the special education program at school, he barely knew the sounds of the letters in the alphabet. He could not read any words other than his own name. After having completed just one year of the Morgan Dynamic Phonics program, I am in awe when I find him reading a book! I recommend this program for anyone with a child with difficulties in reading like my son."

--  Donna Helgesen, parent, Albuquerque Schools

"Even with a minimal amount of time, my students have made over a year's progress in eight months. My students have also transferred learned skills to the general education classroom."

--  Jean Savage Knapic, Zia Elementary, Albuquerque Schools.

"I have used Morgan Dynamic Phonics for one year with my private tutoring students. They experienced immediate success. Even their teachers and parents noticed a difference after just the first few lessons. It's structured, multi-sensory approach helps children with learning disabilities to be successful. They really enjoy it."

--  Cheryl Cole, teacher/tutor, Albuquerque Schools.

"I feel like my students now have a real good foundation of word attack and spelling skills after using Morgan Dynamic Phonics."

--  Kay Hartt, Emerson 1st grade teacher, Albuquerque Schools.

"We are elated with the progress our son has made this year with the Morgan Dynamic Phonics program. He entered fifth grade this year and with his multiple learning problems and delays we were beginning to believe he would either never learn to read or at most read at a very low level. He has truly amazed us with his reading progress. Mr. Morgan has a real insight as to the problems some of our children are having and has designed a program that works."

--  Bob and Jane Thompson, parents, Albuquerque Schools.

"This reading program has changed my son from a non-reader to kid who can read any word . . . . . . . I think you have been able to build the foundation and the first story of my son's reading skills which will enable him to succeed in school and in life."

--  Debbie Loftis, parent, Albuquerque Schools.

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