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Morgan Dynamic Phonics 1 or 2, and Dynamic Roots Programs: Order Now

What You Will Need to Get Started in Morgan Dynamic Phonics 1 or 2:

Morgan Dynamic Phonics 1 is for elementary and mid school age students. Morgan Dynamic Phonics 2 is for high schoolers and adults. To get started you will need either:

  1. The Small Group Package (which includes all materials with six of each of the three reading books) or
  2. The Parent/Tutor Package - with all of the materials and one of each reading book (see below).

For the Dynamic Roots program, see below.

Small Group Package* ($495):
The complete program with six of each of the three reading books, Teacher's Manual, Homework and Workbook Reproducible pages for all three books, the four sets of flash cards, instructional video, word dividing devices and wall posters. Specify Morgan Dynamic Phonics 1 for elementary or mid school age or Morgan Dynamic Phonics 2 for high schoolers or adults. For Morgan Dynamic Phonics 1, specify Original or "Not So Gross" Version (see below).

Parent/Tutor Package* ($225):
Designed for use in the home. Includes easy to follow Instructor's Manual and Instructional Video. Includes all the components of the program with one of each reading book. Specify Morgan Dynamic Phonics 1 for elementary or mid school age or Morgan Dynamic Phonics 2 for high schoolers or adults. For Morgan Dynamic Phonics 1, specify Original or "Not So Gross" Version (see below).

Morgan Dynamic Phonics 1 or 2: prices for individual components:

  1. Teacher's Manual - $40.
  2. Student Reading Book 1* ($22 each):
    Book one covers short vowels, consonants, consonants digraphs, consonant blends, magic "e" words and syllables, and simple syllable division. For MDP 1 specify Original or "Not So Gross" Version.
  3. Student Reading Book 2* ($22 each):
    Book two covers r-controlled vowels, many vowel teams, three more kinds of syllable division, schwa words, -ing and -ed, contractions, and the soft sounds of "c" and "g." For MDP 1 specify Original or "Not So Gross" Version.
  4. Student Reading Book 3* ($22 each):
    Book three covers less frequently used vowel teams, the last two kinds of syllable division, more schwa words, compound words, words with three or more syllables and many common prefixes and suffixes. For MDP 1 specify Original or "Not So Gross" Version.
  5. Workbook and Homework Reproducible pages*: $55.
    Reproducible syllable division worksheet pages, spelling pages, as well as homework/independent work pages for each lesson. Copying rights are only for the teacher who owns the program. Site copying rights are available. (call for price). For MDP 1 specify Original or "Not So Gross" Version.
  6. Instructional Video: $15:
    The instructional videos demonstrates how to use the various programs and should be watched first, before reading the directions and using the program. The film also goes over how to use the Dynamic Roots program.
  7. Picture Phoneme and Blend Cards: $18.
  8. Spell It Cards: $18
  9. Red Cards: $22
  10. Big Phoneme Cards: $28
  11. Word Division cut outs - 3 for $9
  12. Ten Wall Posters: $20

*Original Version or "Not So Gross" Version:
When purchasing the Morgan Dynamic Phonics 1 program, please specify the Original Version or the "Not So Gross" version. For the "Not So Gross" version, we have taken out the words and sentences with: snot, boogers, barf, puke, belch and gas that you don't use in your car. Please check the correct box on the order sheet or make note when ordering.

In-service teacher training: half day, full day and two day workshops are available upon request but these programs can be used without extra training.

Dynamic Roots Kit ($99):
This program teaches higher level reading and vocabulary skills through the study of root words, prefixes, suffixes and Latin and Greek word origins. It can be used with students from 4th grade through adulthood.

The Dynamic Roots Set includes:

  1. The Teacher's Manual
    The Teacher's Manual includes the accurate word origin definitions of over 2,000 words arranged by roots, plus an additional 1,100 captivating word and phrase origins (a great reference book itself), plus prefix, suffix and Greek word parts lists. (sold separately: $45)
  2. The Student Reading Book (reproducible for one teacher)
    The Student Reading Book includes words and sentences for students to read in each lesson. (sold separately $40)
  3. Three worksheets for each lesson (reproducible for one teacher).
    The three worksheets for each lesson in the program are on black line masters. (sold separately $40)

Site licenses are also available for the Student Reading Book and the Worksheets (call for price). For prices of individual components, see the web page for Dynamic Roots. This program can be used after completion of Morgan Dynamic Phonics 1 or 2 (requires a minimum 4th grade reading level). This program is a must for 4th and 5th grade classes as well as English classes in middle and high school, college remedial reading courses, and ESL.

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