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Research Based Educational Materials For Struggling Readers of ALL AGES and ALL LEVELS

There are three versions of our award-winning Morgan Dynamic Phonics program. 

  • Morgan Dynamic Phonics 1 is for elementary and mid school age students. See a sample (.pdf)
    • There are two versions of this program – the Original or most gross version and
    • Version 2 or the Not So Gross version
    Check out Humorous Reading Text to see the difference in reading text.

  • The Morgan Dynamic Phonics 2 program is designed for High School age students and adults

  • The Dynamic Roots program is a Morphological Awareness Training program for higher level reading and vocabulary development

These programs are based on scientific research:  see

These programs are used in thousands of classrooms and homes across the country.


Morgan Dynamic Phonics (1:37:22)
The Complete Program

Morgan Dynamic Phonics
Chapter Introduction
Part of the Ken Morgan Dynamic Phonics set of instructional videos. A fun and funny way to engage students in learning to read

Lesson Plan (35:42)
Lesson Plan section of the Instructional Video for Morgan Dynamic Phonics reading programs

Morphological awareness and reading (9:01)
Video introduction to our Dynamic Roots program

About the author

The author, Ken Morgan, developed these materials in the 90s after extensive Orton-Gillingham training at the Carroll School in Lincoln, Massachusetts and under the guidance of his mentor Diana Hanbury King.

He had many ADD and Hyperactive students in his classes and so wrote funny and playful reading text to keep the student attention. 

He used the programs in his Special Education classes for the next 24 years. 

During this time, he made many improvements – adding more funny sentences, borrowing teaching techniques from other Structured Literacy programs, and developing techniques from his ongoing study of research in the field of reading instruction. 

The results are some of the most effective instructional programs in existence. 

For over 20 years, the most fun part of the day for my students and myself was reading time with these materials ... and with great results.

Mr. Morgan has presented at dozens of conferences around the country including 6 presentations at the national IDA convention. He does teacher trainings with his materials upon request.

Send comments, suggestions, or questions to: Ken Morgan at
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